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Enhanced Comfort

Our suspension upgrades smooth out rough roads, ensuring a comfortable journey every time.

Improved Handling

With our premium coil overs and springs, experience increased grip and precise steering.

Longevity and Durability

Crafted from high-quality materials, our products promise longevity even under tough driving conditions.

Customizable Ride Height

Adjust your vehicle's stance with our range of coil overs, perfectly aligning aesthetics with functionality.

The Foundation of Ride Comfort.

Suspension systems are crucial in ensuring that you experience a comfortable and controlled ride. Springs, coil overs, and suspension kits play a pivotal role in enhancing driving dynamics.

Asked Questions

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What's the difference between coil overs and regular springs?

Coil overs combine springs and shock absorbers into a single unit, allowing for height adjustments. Regular springs are static and don't offer this adjustability.

How often should I service my suspension system?

It's advisable to inspect your suspension system annually or if you notice a change in ride quality.

Do coil overs improve handling?

Yes, coil overs offer better handling due to their adjustability and integrated design, optimizing both comfort and performance.

Are your suspension upgrades suitable for all car types?

We offer a diverse range of suspension components to fit most car models. Our team can recommend the best fit for your vehicle.

Will upgrading my suspension affect ride comfort?

A well-selected and professionally installed suspension upgrade can significantly improve ride comfort by enhancing stability and shock absorption.

How long does a suspension upgrade take?

The time varies based on the specifics of the upgrade. However, our team ensures a thorough and efficient installation process.

Do I need an alignment after changing my suspension?

Yes, it's recommended to get a wheel alignment after any significant suspension modifications to ensure optimal driving conditions.

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Financing worries? At AUDIO VISION, we understand the diverse financial needs of our clientele. Hence, we present flexible financing options, including a no-credit-check, zero interest, 90-day up to 48 month terms. As we strive to elevate our offerings, our dedication remains unwavering - ensuring our customers leave with both satisfaction and a smile.

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