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Customized Look

Choose a look that mirrors your personality, be it towering presence or a sporty, ground-hugging stance.

Enhanced Handling

Properly installed kits improve vehicle handling, especially during high-speed turns and off-road adventures.

Durable Components

We use only top-quality kits designed for longevity and performance, ensuring peace of mind.

Expertise Matters

Our technicians ensure optimal installation for maximum benefit, safety, and aesthetics.

Achieving the Perfect Stance.

Every vehicle owner has a unique vision for their ride. Lift & lowering kits play an essential role in realizing that dream, allowing for a customized stance that stands out and meets driving requirements.

Asked Questions

This is where we answer all your questions. Check it out.

How do lift kits differ from lowering kits?

Lift kits elevate the vehicle for a higher ground clearance, suitable for off-road conditions, while lowering kits reduce the vehicle's height for a sportier look and improved aerodynamics.

Are lift & lowering kits safe?

When chosen appropriately for the vehicle and installed by experts like ours, these kits are entirely safe and can even enhance vehicle handling.

How long does the installation process take?

The duration varies based on the vehicle and kit type. Our team prioritizes efficiency and quality to get you back on the road quickly.

Will these kits affect my vehicle's warranty?

It's essential to check with your vehicle's manufacturer. However, our kits are designed to be compliant with most vehicle warranties.

Can I revert to the original stance later?

Yes, our kits can be removed, and the vehicle can be returned to its original stance if desired.

Do you offer custom solutions for unique requirements?

Absolutely! At Audio Vision, we tailor solutions based on individual preferences and vehicle specifications.

How do I maintain my vehicle after the installation?

Regular maintenance checks are advised. Our team provides guidelines post-installation to ensure the longevity of the kit and your vehicle.

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